Status: MYnstrel Inc. & Alvarism Projects

Patience is a conquering virtue… learn forbearance or…You will be taught it, whether you will or not. –Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

MYnstrel Inc. is in great shape! We’re often asked about our out-of-date website, and what it means for our business. In this post, I’ll provide ALCON with an update on our company and also the Alvarism projects.


Public Speeches

Public speeches on Alvarism have been going splendidly! For two years I have participated in exclusive summits, private presentations to Washington D.C. intelligentsia, and speeches in the U.S. Senate. The list of past events can be found here.


A thirty-five minute documentary pilot on the Alvarian Framework and Class Conflict is completed. It has been shown to two audiences and received favorable reactions. Some modifications are required before releasing it to the public.


My spreadsheets analyzing education, economic, social, and global indicators have yielded over 240 finalized charts and tables. My digital research notebook maintained since 2003 has over 3 GB of articles. Besides occasional supplements, the body of research matured over a year ago.

Website & Outreach

The Alvarism website that began on May 4th, now has a custom domain, and is well-structured to receive supplemental materials and communications related to Alvarism.

Book Manuscripts

The manuscript for Alvarism requires so many citations, charts, and figures that it has been temporarily suspended. The reference material required to justify the theory is a polymath’s playground. Currently, the book is over 360 pages, including the 240 pages of charts, which will not be published in the final manuscript. The final Alvarism manuscript will be simplified, by pointing to new books that I will publish for justification. The first book in this series addresses modern class conflict, poverty, income inequality, prosperity and the toxic economic environment of modernity. It will be a crucial resource for all citizens, cultural leaders, and government officials in the coming years, because the intellectuals they have trusted, like Thomas Piketty, have misled many of them. That manuscript is currently 82 pages. I anticipate that it will settle at 200-275 pages, and be ready for publishing by the end of summer.

MYnstrel, Inc.

MYnstrel’s Outmoded Website

Our website is out of date for a very good reason. The objectives for the “brochure-ware” website at were achieved. We needed to offer our services to the public, use our unique vision and business model to find partners, and obtain a federal trademark by offering services. The language on the website is purposefully cryptic. After directly dealing with executives from a few major music companies, we found our business model completely stolen by one of them, two years after our discussions. Of course, the intellectual theft could only emulate what they garnered from our cryptic website. This unfortunate outcome has proven us perspicacious in our corporate counterintelligence tactics. We are blessed with two partners who are well-versed in intelligence, so that we can handle such hostile competitive forces.

Understanding the business objectives, the technical reason that the current MYnstrel website cannot be updated is very practical. We abandoned the code branch in our source control, because we do not have the resources to maintain it. We are spending every second of our technical skills on the massive enterprise application – web, database, desktop, mobile, and communications services. As a company based on voluntarism, and very humble angel investments, we are positioned to do what other music companies cannot – radical innovation with very low liability, and “smart-money.” We are the antithesis to the modern business cycle enslaved by Keynesian economics, “dumb-money,” crushing debts, malinvestments, and the shackles of desperation and bad business tradeoffs that accompany those inferior economic forces!

MYnstrel Business Model Working Wonders

In regards to our voluntarism, what we have called “The Kurek Business Model” on our current website was done in haste. In fact, it irks me that my name is on it, since it is an innovation that is far beyond my individual personhood, and assisted by a brilliant local corporate attorney who waved his $650/hour fee for us, because he believes in our mission and potential. We do have a brand name for the business model, and its foundation in voluntarism has been the secret to our success in a low-yield industry that is ripe for a smart business like MYnstrel. We have unlocked the shackled value that safety- and debt-fueled music businesses cannot reasonably access.

Putting the Final Pieces Together

In developing our prototype enterprise system for the music industry, we have triumphed through many technical challenges. Our partners are still working on some major data tasks. When they are done, their work will be integrated, and we will look for a tentative Q4 2015 demonstration of the prototype. Whether we will release this to the public or approach venture capital that can take it to the next stage is a decision we have yet to make. We ideally would like to cooperate with successful musician-investors who understand our vision, have experienced the old music industry, and are excited about the goodness that our innovations have to offer for the future of music. Any investors who believe in our business are welcome, but it would be especially beneficial to the business to have partners who understand the long term vision.

Ask Your Questions

Please feel free to get in touch with me to find out more about any of these projects, and to collaborate, or contribute.

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