Alvarism Activities Update

A sarcastically hysterical meme about priorities of innovators

The project load and task lists of Alvarism never grow shorter. Here is a quick update on recent activities:

  1. Thomas Kurek’s labor was required to maintain MYnstrel, Inc.’s trademark with the USPTO. The Office Action response was completed and submitted last weekend
  2. MYnstrel Inc.’s old website was stunning, but newer and more efficient platforms exist today for basic communications. The site is transitioning to a WordPress platform, and partners are updating the migrated content. The old site will be available on one of our domains within the next few weeks.
  3. The final pieces of the series, The Dangerous Fake Narratives of Hackers, Internet Trolls, and Spies, will not be published until congressional Republicans decide how to shape a commission that decouples the realistic election results from the foreign influence operations. If it is delayed past Q1, we will publish an update.
  4. The Civic Social Network – the next generation of social networking that empowers news consumers, activists, nonprofits, government liaisons, and academic researchers – is on its way towards financing. Thomas Kurek is personally designing the system, using Sparx Enterprise Architect.
  5. News2Share has requested that Thomas Kurek appear in a documentary on transhumanism. Alvarism is preparing a briefing on the economic implications of transhumanism – focusing on implications for the division of labor, political economy, prosperity incidence, disruptive innovation, and the disutility of labor. The interview is tentatively scheduled for the end of February. The documentary is not advocacy, but aims to present an objective treatment of the topic.
  6. The second Alvarism book is scheduled for release at the end of 2017. It educates readers on the economic support industries – healthcare, immigration, criminal justice, national security, and culture (religion, education, civics, journalism, entertainment). It also chronicles those industries by the numbers with the same rigor as Economic Sovereignty. There are reams of major discoveries. A teaser: based upon democide and troop casualty data, the US is one of the most peaceful nations in history. Reagan’s rejuvenation of peace through strength was not just fanciful rhetoric. Also, Americans spend much more on culture than healthcare and energy. Here is a challenge that emerged: how does a person find statistics on homicide, broken down by the type of killing? Can you find historical data on prosecutions for first-degree, second-degree, manslaughter, justifiable homicide, and felony murder? If you can, please contact us and let us know! You will be shocked at how American crime and imprisonment has changed over the years. Once you get to know the economic support industries, you will have a powerful understanding of some of the most important experiences in our lives – war, peace, crime, punishment, health, and culture. You will also see how these industries can either enhance or degrade prosperity.
  7. Requested public speaking engagements have been postponed until Q2-Q3 due to priorities
  8. New content will be published to the website throughout Q1

Onwards and upwards!

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