2018 Economic Sovereignty Presentations

What’s better than a one-of-a-kind book that condenses volumes of socioeconomic intrigue, concepts, research, and discoveries into a few hundred pages? It’s a presentation of the findings by the author, with Q&A, and book signing! Economic and financial issues change year-to-year, but the discoveries and concepts in Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society remain the same. In 2018, Alvarism has added an assessment of the new GOP Tax Bill to the Economic Sovereignty presentations.


Use our contact form to RSVP, or private message Alvarism LLC or Thomas Kurek on Facebook.

Please RSVP five days before the event to allow organizers to scale their accommodations. The venue address will be disclosed upon RSVP.

Current Presentation Dates

February 13th, 2018 6:30 PM – Fairfax County, VA
February 25th, 2018 12:30 PM – Sterling, VA

Event Description
Financial self-determination, economic misconceptions, class warfare, and the “managed decline” of the US economy revealed. New GOP tax bill assessed.

What do federal and state governments spend our taxes on? How has government spending changed over the years? What does poverty and prosperity look like in America – by numbers and in lifestyle?

The TEA Party, Occupy Wall Street, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and economists from different schools of analysis have different visions of the American economy. Economic Sovereignty looks at the economy by the hard numbers, evaluates income dynamics, and juxtaposes American economic performance against the global economy. It also evaluates political ideology that biases economic assertions.

This research arrives at concepts for personal financial independence and policy suggestions for the government to eliminate the debt and restore economic self-determination to American citizens. Join the author in a presentation of the key findings and discover this uncommon knowledge with a personal touch.

Author and speaker Thomas Kurek founded Alvarism LLC, a think tank for economic and sociological analysis based upon empirical, rational and perennial knowledge paradigms. His services were commissioned by the State Department, global hospitality and tourism, ecommerce, healthcare, state government, FBI, and Department of Defense.

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