The White Nationalism Diversion Pt 1: The Fiction Exposed

The current fixation on white nationalism is a deluded product of political opportunists and journalists with civil rights movies playing on repeat in their heads.

The white nationalist diversion is easily exposed with a simple question: what’s the body count?

We don’t accept speculation about ideas in a brooding kid’s head, or even a kid who punches a target in the face. Where terrorism is concerned – show us the blood or show yourself the door. While injuries and anger are useful to the criminologist, the body count indicates the real threat of terror groups, the measure of their lethality, and the item in which all doubt is removed as to their level of danger.

Terrorists motivated by white nationalism (or any white racist cause) have killed only 27 people in the USA since the Islamist terror attack of 9/11. I base this on the years 2001 through 2017, for which the available data is currently reliable. You must want to hide under your bed from the white nationalist terror threat, knowing that fact!

In the same duration, terrorists motivated by Islamic nationalism and anti-white causes have killed 134 people in the USA. Why do activists and journalists spread fear of white nationalism when it produced a body count that is only ~20% of Islamic and anti-white terrorism? Meanwhile, 720 people died from lightning strikes, and there were around 272,000 homicides at the hands of cold-blooded criminals.

Speaking of race and violence, blacks, native Americans, and Hispanics exceed whites as well. Based on murder arrests in 2013, black people were 730% more murderous than white people, while Native Americans were almost twice as murderous, and Hispanics were 30% more murderous than whites. Year after year, and by conviction as well as arrest data, similar racial ratios of violence occur. White people seem to be as ineffective at homicide as they are at terrorism.

Call me a numbers guy, but I’m about 27-times more fearful of getting electrocuted to death by a Zeus bolt from the sky, and about 10,074-times more fearful of getting shot by a criminal, as I am fearful of white nationalist terror. Except in the event of a lightning strike, my most effective insurance policy is the spectacularly accurate and lethal .45 caliber pistol depicted above.

While the racial fearmongers may lack the intelligence and knowledge to justify their beliefs with hard evidence, their fiction has destructive results.

Fear of effectively non-existent white nationalism feeds the power of identitarian manipulators in culture, business, and governance. It feeds overblown security budgets. The resultant anti-white racial paranoia also impacts social cohesion on an interpersonal level. It also produces the kind of fear about legal gun ownership that helps anti-self-defense activists who ultimately aim to repeal our constitutional right to defend ourselves with weapons.

In short, the pragmatic drivers of this fearmongering are:

  • Identity politics, fear-journalism, and diversity zealotry
  • Government employment largesse
  • Cultural segregation
  • Gun control

There are fascists across the globe. Nations in the present day employ some key aspects of fascism under the name of “democracy.” And the global ignorance of fascism was never more apparent than the international reaction to prolific Islamic violence and the few white nationalist anomalies we can count on one hand.

Understanding fascism is critical when celebrities, congressional hearings, and low IQ news shows incite fiction about white nationalism. There are fascist threats across the globe. How will a good citizen identify them if they’re cowering from imaginary enemies?

In the next article, we will explore the gory details about fascism that are extirpated from news media and public education, but cannot hide from the erudite scholar.

5 thoughts on “The White Nationalism Diversion Pt 1: The Fiction Exposed

  1. Excellent observations. The barometer I find useful as to how powerful ideas are is to see who advocates those ideas. What universities, mainstream media channels or radio stations promote white nationalism? What branch of the government proscribes to white nationalism or what political party with membership greater than 5000? From my humble perch I see no influential cultural generators for white nationalism other than the spin created by the media.

    Did you ever read The Medium is the Massage, by a Canadian, Marshall McCluhan? I think of him often.
    Ta, CW

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    1. Yours is another astute indicator. Obama chose to validate Black Lives Matter with a White House pandering party – a racially paranoid, unjustified, violent, and ignorant movement that caused terror fatalities and dozens of millions in damages to black communities based on distortions of events in which raw data and criminology proved them wrong.

      Basic logic could have diffused the violence and anti-white, anti-police hatred incited by BLM. We do not argue the general from the specific – a handful of events do not comprise a crisis, law enforcement and the justice system are imperfect like any human endeavor, there are grey events in violent conflict, and an infinitesimal amount of police homicides occur compared to how many violent criminals they are forced to confront every year, let alone unjustified and murky police homicides, which is an even smaller fraction.

      A single black leader like Obama could have stepped up to the podium and stated, “My dear black communities, your police officers risk their lives every day, and confront violent criminals that bring chaos to your communities. Less than a fraction of one percent of the time do they even kill suspects. And less than a fraction of those killings are unjustified. Most of the killed suspects have mental disorders or chose to intoxicate themselves and are confronted while endangering others with lethal weapons. There is no crisis of racial oppression by the police in your communities. Be thankful for the law and order they provide, and do your part to help make your communities inhospitable to gangs and crime. Reducing crime begins with a culture of order and peace, and I thank every black citizen who affects orderliness and productivity in their communities.”

      Instead, Obama, entertainers, public school teachers, professors, journalists, many nonprofits, and the Democratic party itself validated and promoted the anti-police and anti-white hatred borne of the ignorance and incitement of BLM.

      Contrast BLM to FSU. Friends Stand United gang did the job of the police on the streets by intimidating white nationalists out of Boston. Although I was not a member, in high school and college, I performed “straight edge” heavy rock music that formed the underground scene in which FSU’s vigilante activities persisted. One attack by FSU left a man beaten to death. Did any office holder ever validate FSU for their success in clearing white nationalists out of Boston? While Boston white nationalists were not a crisis even in the 90s, they were a presence of which FSU had zero tolerance.

      No ulterior motives are serviced by validating groups like FSU, as mentioned in the article. In fact, the dominating influencers in government, academia, journalism, and entertainment generally despise self-defense and vigilante attitudes, as they cringe at the grassroots popularity of films like Dirty Harry, Law Abiding Citizen, Fight Club, and Death Wish. Unless of course, they are whitewashing the violence and unjustified racial paranoia of groups such as Black Lives Matter, which services their identity politics, gun control, and diversity zealotry. Their anti-white fictions also have been effective at brainwashing impressionable youths into the ideology of radical egalitarianism.

      I take body count as the gold standard of terrorism for the same reason we put great effort into cancer, AIDS, Lyme, and Ebola. The sniffles and broken bones might be obnoxious, but the diseases of horrific torture and slaughter are the ones that deserve gravity and oppositional energy.

      I’ve never read the book but it looks fascinating! Thanks for the suggestion and your insights!


  2. I appreciate you mentioning Obama’s seemingly defensive words and actions, specially during Occupy Wall Street, Trayvon Martin, Ferguson and Baltimore events and even the BLM attack on the Dallas police.

    Obama is a master at using offensive verbal warfare. Which sounds like neural linguistic programing. I’m not a psychologist so I’m not fluent in the subtleties and nuances between ‘old fashioned’ brain washing and NLP, so I’d specially appreciate your take on this.

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    1. The greatest inoculation against mass psychology is an incessant study of propaganda techniques, formal and informal fallacies. With experience and knowledge of those topics, every citizen could render influence operators like Obama entirely impotent. They could hurl their glowing manipulations from on high and even their parrots in the news media, entertainment, and academia would be ineffective. Also practice of the seven virtues is helpful to remain clean in the mud of ochlocracy. I will publish that and other topics from my briefings in future books. I only give tidbits on this website, which focuses on application of Alvarism to current events.


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