Who is Thomas Kurek? A Scourge of Social Media Phonies, For One

And who are you? I recently published a short photo-biography of my life on Alvarism.com. I was inspired by a popular meme online, which stated, “The less you reveal, the more people will wonder.”

I thought to myself, “well isn’t that just emblematic of the society of liars, manipulators, frauds, and phonies, who use photography, social media, image filters, marketing, and mass psychology tactics to fool people into projecting what they want to believe.” In societies with corrupt economies – charlatans make the dollars and authentic producers are buried by their drama and lies. So it was in Weimar Germany, and so it is becoming across the globe today.

Of course, there is a place for discretion. In my biography, I do not participate in gossip, or use relational aggression against women I have dated, or conflicts that have occurred between friends and family.

What is the truth of the social media phony? Rather than doing the hard work of acquiring knowledge, skills, and productive experience, they are pure consumers and dreamers. Their reality is that they have spent so much of their life in leisure, low-value education, social, and consumption activities, that they themselves cannot produce much of anything of value.

So they invent fiction online and “reveal less” because the truth of their reality is that they are actually less. A simple conversation would reveal that fact. If they were honest about who they are, there wouldn’t be much of anything interesting to tell. They create drama, they imagine drama, they consume drama. Being productive and acquiring real value is too tedious and boring for them.

This is the phony social media age.

I say, tune them out, and give them no time or attention. Every bit of social media drama and shallow phoniness that we feed prevents the person from actually doing something beneficial to themselves and others. I wrote the short photo-biography to do the opposite of what this mob of internet phonies advocate.

Here is my life, in photographic evidence, and synopsis. This is who I am, and I am very blessed and thankful for such an uncommonly good and interesting life.

And if you want to see how bad the phonies have become, here is just one of countless examples.

SexyCyborg, a Chinese citizen blatantly indoctrinated with communist ideology, feels entitled to attention and American companies throwing dollars in her pocket. I am not kidding. Leftists are saying that we should make contractual exceptions for foreign cultures. “Do as I say, not as I do,” and “double standards are justifiable?” Those are the refrains of tyrants throughout history. Please remove yourself from America if that is the jurisprudence your educators put into your uncritical head.

Personally I do not believe that this woman makes the technology. I have spent my life with technologists – men and women. She does not speak like one, she does not demonstrate the interests of one, and she does not demonstrate the character of one. I do believe the popular accusations that she is just the pretty face promoting her boyfriends’ inventions. My comment to the leftists:

These assessments make little sense. Wu is a citizen of China. It is not Vice’s responsibility to understand and abide a foreign government’s legalities. That is Wu’s responsibility, as she is the one who resides under those laws.

On the other hand, Wu has a contract with Patreon that she violated. If there are exceptions to contractual violation then we’re not equals, and there is no rule of law. These agreements should not have unstated privileges for some based on what culture they espouse.

If the agreements are unfavorable in particular localities, they should be modified to meet the needs of international business. I do not believe in collectivizing responsibility for abiding your own nation’s laws, or granting culture-based privilege in the form of special treatment in contract adjudication.

If Wu finds these transactions to be more problematic than the benefits of income they have afforded her, then Patreon should take note and reconsider customizing their agreements per locality so that people like Wu can enjoy an honest set of expectations in their contractual agreements, which guide them away from self-incrimination as it seems to have been intimated.

American companies are doing Chinese citizens like Wu a grand favor by giving them access to our markets. They need to play by our rules, just like the Chinese make our businesses play by their rules when we are in their territory.

They need to drop the collectivism and take responsibility for themselves instead of blaming the way they choose to use an American company. We are now at the point where leftwing thinkers want to whitewash Chinese socialism by making Americans take responsibility for what China does to its own citizens.”

2 thoughts on “Who is Thomas Kurek? A Scourge of Social Media Phonies, For One

  1. Hi Tommy What a life! The photos are awesome too. Specially appreciate the heroic men in your family, and your early photos!

    Also I’m now ever so curious about the possible reasons for your illness onset. I don’t recall you mentioning biot. before.

    Oh, you should talk with Claire about vaccines-she knows more about the downside of vaccines than anyone I know, including most docs. She’s seriously researched the subject, as well as collecting a small library of books on this research she fears will be next on Amazon’s editing list.

    Lastly, needless to say, last week got away from me, as well as this one. Next week? Friday? Blessings, Carol



    1. Guten morgen, Carol! Thank you! I miss those men, so it’s a great joy to share them with others! This week turned out to be packed for me as well! Next week we can find a time. I’m obligated through Saturday!

      I found it wiser to remain discrete on the potential vector! Looking forward to seeing you and your family!


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