The Positivity Cult Will Soon End

You have surely met one of the many fanatical acolytes of the Positivity Cult. Their religion is sometimes godless, sometimes “spiritual,” sometimes theosophical, sometimes “christian.” The christian incarnation is often theosophism wrapped in a fake christian veneer. Authentic Christians do not grace such fraud with a capital “C.”

The Positivity Cult acolyte masks their assault on reality with bombardment of silver linings and exclusion of the dire aspects of an experience.

If your heart is broken from a recent divorce or breakup, they say, “be positive, everything happens for a reason, this too shall pass, there are plenty of fish in the sea, you deserve better anyway.”

If your family member dies, they say, “be positive, they’re in a better place, their suffering is over, they lived a long and full life, their life was short but they were spared great pain, they live on through our memories.”

If your house burns down, they say, “be positive, insurance will cover it, free spring cleaning, nobody was hurt, your next house will be even better, we can’t wait to see your brand new wardrobe.”

If you got stabbed in the groin, they would say, “be positive, you already had your children, they’re doing great things with urinary catheters these days.”

Humor through hyperbole, of course.

Be Realistic

A Positivity Cult acolyte has many enemies. Their main enemy is reality, which is a fluctuating disproportionate mix of positive and negative aspects of experience. They use the term “positive” incessantly, but their priorities, choices, and criticism define their own exclusionary principles. While they deny their own negativity, they would call another person’s exclusionary principles “negative.”

Denying negative aspects of experience keeps a person in flight, manic, and escaping reality. When a person contemplates negativity, they rest and reflect, learning about themselves and others. While fixating upon negativity inordinately is an escape from reality in the other direction, popular culture on TV, journalism, and in politics and academics does not promote that.

Be Pure

They want people to be “fierce” and proud; in other words, aggressively positive to the point of arrogance, to protect them from considering criticism, honesty, and purity. An arrogantly proud, and “fierce” acolyte is locked into the cult and its agenda, with conformity secured. Purity of intention, honesty, and humility prevent such arrogance.

Be Erudite

They also want people to be “woke;” in other words, active change agents for sociopolitical agendas, and not just obediently politically correct. Being erudite – with deep, nuanced, and thorough knowledge of a topic deactivates a change agent. The wisdom and prudence that accompanies erudition, slows the activists down and gives them time to realize the flaws of the agenda. In order to be “woke,” they must put the agenda first, and contort reality into it. An erudite person discovers wise incremental paths of action and justifies their actions with evidence, logic, historical analysis, and understanding.

Be Authentic

Authentic people are the enemy of the Positivity Cult, which destroys authentic culture with inclusion and diversity. The first step is to set up diversity as a virtue, stupidly asserting that variation of any sort is necessarily positive. The next step is to set up inclusion, to force people into imposing diversity rather than simply foolishly valuing it.

The utter ignorance of these inverted values is never more apparent than in the military. Soldiers indoctrinated with the same culture think the same way, behave the same, value the same things, follow the same rules, adhere to the same visions, and venerate the same symbols.

A person is practically mentally retarded to claim that because some of the soldiers are women, have black skin, a homosexual preference, or a non-Christian religion, that those soldiers are “diverse.” Quite literally, all of the meaningful aspects of culture are uniformly shared, in strict conformity, yet because of comparatively superficial distinctions, they are designated “diverse,” and granted privileges of celebration, promotion preferences, and contract advantages.

In an even more pathetic whitewash of this sanctioned discrimination, they invert reality by promoting the lie of “white privilege,” when the “diverse” citizens are the ones granted official privileges by institutional power.

Diversity and inclusion is a derangement of epic proportions, and its output is conformity. It gets the Positivity Cult acolytes to fixate upon superficial and meaningless aspects of their neighbors, while the significant aspects of culture are progressing in strict conformity. At the end of the process, authentic culture is supplanted by institutional popular culture, masked by superficial “diversity.”

Be Critical

If you have had the misfortune of interacting with a Positivity Cult acolyte of the millennial generation, you have surely heard them use the phrase, “cry some more.”

They confuse “criticism” for “crying,” and typically use this phrase in an attempt at psychological aggression. They will instigate a conflict, by insulting or criticizing a person, and when that person defends themselves, or insults the instigator in turn, the instigator then accuses them of “crying.”

This habitual combination of gaslighting and double-bind psychological abuse is a wicked trend. It is one of many indicators suggesting that the millennial generation is one of the most brainwashed generations of history, subject to incessant social engineering and corrosive mass psychology affronts from cradle to present.

They experienced the influence in schools, journalism, and entertainment, which was then parroted by their friends on social media and social gaming. They watch the TV show, then they repeat the attitudes and phrases of the characters in their private social circles. The Hollywood scriptwriter became the ministry of their godless church.

In this trajectory of dysfunctional social interactions, there is often an audience. A person conducts these conflicts on social media pages. The Positivity Cult has naive members who will appeal to end the conflict. They will not admit who is right or wrong, they will not honestly identify the instigator and the defender. To them, the defender is as guilty as the instigator, and it does not matter who is justified, so long as the conflict ends. Of course, this also favors change agent activism, because it whitewashes the harm caused by instigators. When there are no consequences, instigators are inherently encouraged.

The Positivity Cult also nurtures the cynical instigators who employ irreverence and impudent instigation in order to “shake the tree” for sociopolitical agendas.

The remedy for this deranged social standard, is to confront the naive, by insisting that the defender and instigator are identified correctly, and insisting upon consequence for the instigator, and praise for the defender. The cynical instigator must be confronted with criticism, and their attempts at framing the conflict in terms that favor the instigation must be repudiated. We might say something like this to an instigator, “There is no sadness, there is no crying, there is just criticism of your ignorance, instigation, and/or moral corruption.”

Be Discerning

Another term the Positivity Cult throws around is “open-minded.” Of course, by open-minded they do not mean that you give tradition a fair assessment. What they actually mean by open-minded is to be permissive. “Don’t judge,” is one such phrase. They are so stupid that they cannot even use correct terms in the English language that already exist. So they invented the word “judgy” because they never learned the word “judgmental.”

Of course, every person on the planet is judging everything all of the time. Every choice they make, every friend they take, every event they attend, every priority they select, constitute their judgments. A discerning person is judicious – their judgments are well thought out, justified by evidence and logic.

The Positivity Cult judges you to be “not cool,” along with a mile-long list of other negative terms, if you make judgments against their current sociopolitical agenda, its cultural features, or its subgroups of faithful implementers. Some other recent terms they use are: deplorable, irredeemable, nerd, negative (ironically, while they themselves are being negative in their insult), geek, fascist, or intolerant (ironically, while they themselves are being intolerant).

Just like their naive and cynical assault on justified criticism, they hang the jury with the innocent when it comes to being permissive of any lifestyle or value. The key for the change agent is that they need people to be permissive of manic, vice-driven, and immoral attitudes, values, and behaviors.

In the chaos of vice, manic, and emotive habitual lifestyle, they find a weak society that is easy to manipulate, change more rapidly, and push around with social engineering. The vice-driven, manic society does not preserve their own wealth. They chase experiences one after the next, with incessant escapism of some form or another.

Discerning people have contemplated what’s valuable, moral, and effective and appropriate attitudes for different experiences. They can justify their judgments with logic and evidence. Discerning people are great enemies of the Positivity Cult.

Be Extemporaneous

The Positivity Cult is always talking about the future and “progress” in nearly braindead propagandistic terms. A recent speech by Mike Pence at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference of 2019 included a phrase like, “This President doesn’t have a rear-view mirror, he goes forward without looking back at all.” For those who think Republicans are spared mindless indoctrination of the Positivity Cult, you need to open your eyes a bit wider.

An extemporaneous thinker does not place any preference on the future or the past. They are intelligent enough to realize that a few years before World War 2, most of the belligerents were obsessed with a “bright future” as well. They realize there is no guarantee of a better future, remembering the fall and decline of the Roman Empire as well, and the millions of lives that were lived in horrific misery for centuries.

They also realize that learning from an accurately interpreted history is as important as innovating for the future. They do not see the two visions at odds. They think that without a complete and accurate understanding of history, their innovation will be as apt to destroy a good tradition, as it is to replace a bad one.

The mob of Positivity Cult acolytes cannot be bothered by the past and history. They march along to the “progress” of the “future” just like Mao Zedong’s idiot communist followers marched faithfully into torture, starvation, and humiliation of elders at the hands of their own children, by the millions.

The extemporaneous citizen speaks the truth of history and also criticizes any plan for going “forward,” “forward-thinking,” “progress,” and the “future,” when the plan has insufficient justification by evidence, logic, and historical analysis.

Be Stewardly

As I type this, there is a red underline in this essay under the term stewardly. The humanities-ignorant Silicon Valley tech workers have excluded the term stewardly from their spelling correction dictionary. They did include the term “ginormous,” ever-increasing the mob of people with the vocabulary of squeaking rodents.

The tech industry is overflowing with Positivity Cult acolytes, along with the public school system. When socialists of all types assumed authority over the global education, entertainment, and journalism markets, they codified the “competition” of capitalism as a grave sin. They replaced competition with a value of “cooperation.” Of course, their version of “cooperation” simply means that you will go along with their sociopolitical agenda of the day, promote it, agree with it, participate in it, and do not dare criticize it.

Their “cooperation” has left millions slaughtered in democide, starving, currencies collapsed, wars instigated, knowledge destroyed, and iconoclasts reigning over culture.

Being stewardly is to be a careful manager of what resources and abilities we have at our disposal. A steward is prudent and efficient with their resources. Sometimes that means cooperating to make the most of the resources under their control, sometimes it means being competitive to protect those resources, or to acquire resources from those who cannot use them as well.

Resources are not just monetary or physical – competition and cooperation also apply to influence, popularity, reputation, and relational associations like positions in organizations. Being stewardly disposes of the false dichotomy of cooperation and competition. It seeks to optimize the employment of both.

Be a Sportsman

The Positivity Cult wants everyone to be winners all the time. They give out participation trophies. They want people to feel proud and “fierce” about themselves, no matter how much they have failed, or how awful they have been. America is obsessed with redemption to the point of insulting victims of crime, kicking them to the curb, while they praise the “reformed” criminal.

A sportsman doesn’t focus on winners and losers. They focus on how a person played the game, and how they prepared for it. They honor the devotion and strife of the contestants. They honor the focus and zeal of the contestants. They honor the adherence to the rules and fairness of the contestants. They trust the invisible hand of the system and people who sustain it, more than the winners and losers who occupy a short point of time and will be gone tomorrow.

A sportsman will never call a loser a winner, or use any kind of mental acrobatics to protect the ego of contestants. They will not give out participation prizes. They will give the losers a hand up, and honor their sacrifice for the competition if they have fought with honor and valor.

The Positivity Cult acolyte wants to use the game itself in order to advance an agenda. They use football tournaments to promote racial activism. They use soccer business management to promote feminist economic policy. They use athletes as celebrities to spread values and visions of society, through nonprofit and charity associations. They use childhood athletics to indoctrinate cooperation and minimize competition with participation prizes.

The Positivity Cult Will Soon End

Throughout history, there have been eras of vogue for the Positivity Cult. It is a dishonest and deluded cult. It hates realistic people, and expresses its anger with a smile. Honesty and purity cannot coexist alongside the Positivity Cult.

In ancient times, the Epicureans contributed to the Positivity Cult. Leonardo Da Vinci resurrected their philosophy in the renaissance. Madame Blavatsky’s theosophism and democratic socialism contributed to the global Positivity Cult from 1830 through 1950. Weimar Germany was the epicenter of the corruption at that time.

These trends seem to arise when a society has lost honest and pure valuation in its economy and social relations. The people become manic, erratic, emotive, prone to vice, and scurrying about like rats chasing their pleasures. Most often, economic collapse is not far away when the Positivity Cult rises to popularity.

In the book Economic Sovereignty, the concepts of vorardennes and destructionism are elaborated in detail. Whether this episode of the Positivity Cult ends like it has in history – with dumbfounded desperation in the face of economic suffering, or whether we can actually inspire the stoic corrections listed here? That future is yet to be determined. Subscribers to Alvarism most certainly hope that the stoic principles will at least stabilize their own families and communities during the events that are to come.

2 thoughts on “The Positivity Cult Will Soon End

  1. The theme of your essay, I believe, is there’s a social trend/manipulation to be positive, at the expense of reality. But this so-called positivity is skewed in favor of much that is socially destructive, unrealistic and disregards human history.

    The initial examples cited can all benefit from some positive reaction. Suicide among vets and teenage girls is at all time highs. Same with those in mid and later life. As you mention, Christianity is less and less a part of the daily life of too many Westerners. Faith in God, and His plan for us, gives great comfort and a degree of understanding that tragedy and life mysteries befall everyone. Without acknowledging this, it’s too easy to slide into fatalism and nihilism. Which becomes mired in meaninglessness because you only know how to blame others when things go south.

    When bad things happen to my family and friends, I ask, ‘what can be learned from this? How can you not make the same mistake again? Be thankful it wasn’t worse. And don’t beat yourself up. I advised that to a Japanese friend recently and it truly did not compute with him. To me, it means, ‘don’t only see what you did wrong.’

    Lastly (speaking of God’s plan for us) I continue to marvel when looking back on my and my family’s lives, I see that it was through the great mistakes that I saw God’s plan, all the near misses or even moments of great anguish that we somehow transcended. Those awful experiences were profoundly painful at the time, but in hindsight, they’re an unexpected gift.

    I appreciate your ability to prompt one to think about important issues. That’s increasingly, sadly, a rare virtue.


    1. Yes! That is the theme, and thank you for a wonderful addendum, Carol! Indeed, the approach could be simplified greatly if the audience was exclusively Christian. Japan is mired in idealism, like many places in the world. The opposing standard to realism is actually idealism, but that idealism is expressed in the Positivity Cult as pure positivity, even to the point of delusion.

      Our traditions are burgeoning with the fullness of humanity, when we appreciate legends like A Tale of Two Cities, and Hamlet – we see great triumph through tragedy, virtue and faith. In that way, the realist has no problem accepting what is negative for its proper time and place, anticipating the byproduct of strength and character in the virtuous triumph to come later. I said it before and I’ll say it again – Nietzsche was a fool when he said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Many people are broken from suffering in this world, physically and mentally. The truth is that “what doesn’t kill you, if met with the seven virtues, can make you stronger.”

      A Positivity Cult acolyte cannot rest in the tragedy long enough to triumph. They are evading pain and suffering with all of their energy, all of the time. Suicide is the ultimate escape. We go back to the evidence and find out that even suicide rate is not so different from 1986 when it was only one fewer per 100,000 than in 2016. At 14 per 100,000, I have survived medical conditions and procedures in sequence with much greater lethality. We ask the three questions in the spirit of the realist economist – at what cost, compared to what, and what hard evidence do we have? We look at the trend, ascertain distinctions, and proffer remedies.

      I marvel at your family as well! Your family is an exemplar of the best of what American culture and Christian faith can yield! I am delighted to bear witness! And it’s my pleasure to stimulate inquiry. I find myself surrounded by these issues on a daily basis. Oprah and a great many talk show hosts, professional athletic and entertainer’s activism, nonprofit activity, many churches (Joel Osteen), and so many professors and politicians are operating on these philosophies and it is incredibly detrimental to our society.

      In many eras, people were serfs, powerless to pursue their own liberty. In the modern era, this Positivity Cult, seeks to turn the liberated into mindless serfs, who not only accept their domination, but by turning their own vices, fears, doubts, and hopes against them, make them happy, thoughtless, and willing participants in social engineering, central plans of the day, and social experimentation. They can claim to have “freedom” but in truth, the mass psychology influence operations have turned them into willing serfs.

      Some stop short at saying “we continue to get the same result from all political parties.” In truth, it’s not just about politics – we are bathing in cultural protocols from entertainers, journalists, academics, civics, and modern religion. I am most interested in breaking that code, understanding these items purely analytically, so that I can perceive the elegant solutions for maintaining liberty, justice, and harmony as our Creator wishes for us. A Great Awakening would be possible once a majority of us can discern these aspects of our society.

      As a realist and valorist (as described in EconSov), my positivity is that I have powerful hope that the Great Awakening is possible in my lifetime.


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