Idiocracy Charges Ahead at a PROGRESSIVE Pace

In the progressive haven of Reston Virginia, where 84% of donors gave to the Democratic Party in 2016, we see a microcosm of wealthy and “educated” progressives on a daily basis.

To my left, there was a person isolated from the world, engrossed in a drama fiction on her smart phone, from left coast scriptwriters who brainwash people with an incessant stream of dysfunctional values, behaviors, attitudes, perspectives, and visions.

It must feel amazing to her boyfriend, father, mother, siblings, and “besties” that she needs to indulge in an idiotic fiction during her lunch hour instead of engaging with them, or perhaps educating herself by reading something valuable.

Maybe it’s too much to expect in a nation where only 13% of the populace are functionally literate – able to comprehend inference and accuracy in what they read. But then again, the government forced us to pay $200,000 per child on tax-funded public schooling, so we have every right to expect them to be as brilliant as rocket scientists for the cost of a bloody single family home. No doubt this woman was a college graduate, which means an army of people wasted upwards of $300,000 on her brain.

I exaggerate. Maybe this is abnormal for her. I’ve been guilty of the same. Who hasn’t indulged in some mindless fiction while they eat their lonely meals, from time to time? But in the days of laptops, no WiFi, and clunky desktop computers, this kind of indulgence was impossible. Even ten years ago, I typically saw people reading, rather than viewing fictional programs during their lonely subway commute or meal.

And now I personally can’t stand that even news venues are publishing video-only reports! I can read the same content in a fraction of the time. I can’t stand watching video reports. It wastes my time, and I only generally appreciate listening to them when I’m doing chores and my hands and eyes are occupied.

But the progressive pace of idiocracy doesn’t stop with fiction obsession.

To my right, there was a middle aged progressive dad with tattoos from his wrist to his neck, long hair, and a leftwing activist t-shirt. He looked down at his iPhone, texting somebody with a scowl on his face. He dressed his daughter in hippie tie-die clothes.

The poor girl anxiously surveyed her surroundings, wanting her dad’s attention. After 10 minutes of silence, the progressive little child looked up at her dad and said, “You know what we learned? ‘Never give up’ is a double negative. We’re not supposed to use double negatives.”

Her father said nothing. He didn’t even acknowledge that she addressed him.

I thought for a moment to myself, “Should I correct this girl’s idiot Democrat teacher who put ignorance in her head? Should I use the Socratic method and ask her whether ‘never forfeit’ is a double negative, and then proceed to explain that ‘never give up,’ as is perfectly valid in context? Should I give her a lesson in linguistics for kids? Should I ask if they’re teaching her about the US forefathers and Judeo-Christian culture that our entire civilization thrives upon?”

Thinking that a conflict with her father could do the child more harm than good, I relented and just let a small piece of progressive chaos remain uncontested.

What kind of a father would not get joy out of his wide-eyed child, showing interest in her knowledge and productive endeavors?

What kind of a father would not delight to engage with his own child about such things?

I suppose it would be the kind of father who burned himself out on leftwing ideological zealotry, vice, sex, drugs, and self-absorption, spending more money on tattoos than his daughter’s wardrobe.

Of course, I’m speculating. He might not be that bad, but if it quacks like a duck…

I think his daughter would have liked it if he quacked. She would laugh. She would have liked any kind of acknowledgment from him. Soon enough she’ll be acting out to get his attention.

As it turns out, these progressives with their unjustified self-importance and self-satisfaction are making me want to quack every time I observe the incessant stream of trendy, brainwashed speech, not thinking for themselves, parroting buzzwords they heard on fictional television, and then claiming they’re such open-minded, creative, and forward-thinking people.

Drones are not creative. Hive-minds are not open-minded. Trendy speakers are not forward-thinking. They parrot things. They need validation. They need affirmation. They are desperate and it is sad. Normally it doesn’t bother me. The perfect is the enemy of the good, and I expect that this world will always be more tragic than hopeful. But when I see a poor young girl cast aside by her father in a simple setting, it gets under my skin.

Of course, Twitter is now banning feminists who defend themselves against instigating LGBTQ monsters. You see, another feature of the progressive urban hellhole is that instigators are righteous so long as they are attacking people in the interests of the social engineering agenda du jour.

There is no virtue. There are no rationally equal application of rules, consequences, and “inclusive” access, as they claim. Punishment and ostracism are arbitrary. A person cannot strike back. A person cannot defend themselves. Instigators like the LGBTQ monsters are given the green light and pats on the back for being as abhorrent as they please. Christians who refuse to validate sinful behavior are punished more harshly than Islamists speaking anti-semitism. We now have Democrat party icons for “women of color” who Democrats tolerate speaking against Jews and white men like segregationists spoke of black men a century ago.

On the bright side, people don’t tolerate double standards, social tyranny, vice, and corruption for long. Twitter, and the rest of the progressive idiocracy are dominating this society within numbered days. They can continue to rob us of $200,000 per child as they produce functionally illiterate drones, and they can continue to silence and oppress the voices of reason and virtue. They call it hate. Then they call an LGBTQ, anti-white-male bigot, or other progressive instigator a brave hero.

Because I believe past results are the best indicators of future results, my money will be on the wrinkle-faced white male who has been encouraged to hate himself and dispose of his masculine and European pride, while being compelled to kowtow to anyone who is not white and male. He’s going to build something better than Twitter, and people will use it because he built it on liberty and virtue, and he keeps the mob of morons away from the pack of righteous and peaceful human beings, in his proudly exclusive (anti-inclusive) community, where there are no double standards, instigators of all sorts are countered, and defenders are hailed.

White men fought, bled, struggled, and died to end tyranny, monarchy, theocracy, slavery, and mass oppression with constitutional republic, technology, scientific discovery, liberty, and civil rights – while Muslims, Africans, Asians, Indians, and indigenous Americans persisted in all of those things. So rather than accepting a single ounce of the white male guilt they desperately wish to inculcate, I’ll chalk up the progressive attempt at myopic history as nothing more than a wicked item of cheap power-mongering, deception, distraction, and division.

Of course, the progressives are putting their money on the mind-erased young girl who just walked past me with bright pink hair, the color of Strawberry Shortcake’s hat. Perhaps if they keep turning real human beings into fictional anime characters, they might bring fantasy to reality as they hope. No worries about the neuroticism and divorcement from reality that they produce in the process.

I suppose cowards who hate reality and persistently run away from it, into sex, drugs, alcohol, fiction, ideological zealotry, and “cosplay” fantasy will endure their self-fulfilling prophecy sometime later in life when the ship of self-reliance and virtuous living has set sail. Invest in mental asylums and psychiatric drugs now, before the millennials reach their midlife crises. These daily observations in the heralded progressive elite community of Reston are indicators of the battles we will fight years from now.

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