Alvarism FB & Twitter Cleaned Up; Twitter’s Grand Evil at a Breaking Point

It’s not a secret to any long-time follower of Alvarism that we never put much effort into branding. The Twitter feed was automated duplication of Facebook posts. The Facebook posts were side-thoughts and ad hoc. The site pages were bare bones and unpolished.

Recently we’ve cleaned it all up in anticipation of our video content production:

Alvarism Facebook:

Alvarism Twitter:

On Twitter you will find the last pinned tweet we intend on posting:

Why have we always devoted no time to Twitter? Chalk it up to some insider information in the tech industry, and elite understanding of ideology and corporate affairs – Alvarism predicted Twitter to be at the top of the most unjust, un-American, and hostile tech corporations. Yet another Alvarism big prediction, come to fruition!

Case in point?

Lindsay Shepherd is a feminist who was banned from twitter communist-style, simply for defending herself against the instigations and insults of a transgender man claiming to be a woman. I have to say, her defensive comments were graceful and wise, and 100% justified. If I was a man in her life – boyfriend, father, or brother – I would have been tempted to put on my balaclava and teach that disgusting instigating bastard a few lessons, like I did to the hoodlums who once vandalized my house.

They found the cops at their door with video evidence of their crimes, and video evidence of other crimes. They did what I wanted them to do in order to not get felony charges. The hoodlums were Latino. The police officer was black, a cool dude from former black gangs before his reformation, and we hit it off right away, as we cooperated to get justice from the Latino hoodlums without dragging nonsense through the courts and costing the taxpayer.

That transgender instigator with the social tyrants of Twitter polishing his derrière, is going to face a similar reckoning if he keeps up this outrage, mark my words.

So here is Twitter once again taking the side of scumbags and instigators instead of righteously defending their targets like Lindsay!

While it is not the only disgusting offense Twitter has perpetrated, it is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Alvarism. While Alvarism supports United States principles of liberty and civil rights for all – including LGBT – it does not support social tyranny, hypocrisy, and immoral oppression by any institution, including Twitter’s arbitrary ostracism of all users they deem to be on the wrong side of their ideological crusade.

What a waste of time to give Twitter any activity at all. We chose to simply leave the last tweet up for anyone who came by, even though we never spent more than a few minutes on Twitter, from the start.

Alvarism has also added the following pages:

News Sources:

Thomas Kurek’s Professional Life:

Thomas Kurek’s Personal Life:

Alvarism has cleaned up the following pages:

Economic Sovereignty Book:


Actions for You:

More to come in the following months!

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