Mass Shooting Hysteria Pt 4: Death by Bullets or Death by Hospital

How quickly the public has laid to rest this hysteria about mass killings! The journalist feeding frenzy on El Paso and Dayton gave way to Child Torturer Pimp Epstein, which has now given way to a smorgasbord of racial and economic paranoia. Just like that, in under a few weeks, the fear of mass killings has quieted. We do realize that genuine crises do not quiet themselves in the matter of a few weeks, right?

Slow-Acting Governance is Rational Governance

And this is the superiority of the “do-nothing” US Republic that moves slowly, locked up by competing interests and polarized visions of government. It is resistant to hysteria – not immune – but more resilient than socialist, monarchical, and democratic socialist knee-jerk governance. The more centralized political power, and the more extensive the power of the government, the easier it is for foolish policies to rapidly make it into law.

As so it was, for the people of New Zealand.

It only took one day of mass killing in mosques for their democratic socialist leader to rapidly and forever deprive Kiwis of their natural right to self-defense. Although there is no way for police to be omnipresent to save lives from mass killings, and although one armed Muslim in those mosques, laying down suppressive fire could have saved dozens of lives, the false heroine democratic socialist robbed guns from Kiwis and made them all cannon fodder for the next psychopath.

Death by Hospital

Context is important. While these shootings are tragic, our society looks the other way in the face of much more prevalent and torturous suffering. For people like myself who have seen and experienced the greatest forms of suffering, a bullet is a merciful death.

I wonder if the mass shooting fanatics have ever watched a soldier adapt to permanently maiming injuries. I wonder if they have watched anti-war, pacifist “experts” patronize wounded veterans, as the pacifists assert the immorality and futility of war, and the implicated total waste of the soldier’s sacrifices.

I wonder if they have ever watched a family member die a tortured and prolonged death from medical malfeasance, while the pack of incompetent doctors scramble to clean up their failures and collect massive sums of money as if they’re heroes instead of illicit fiends. I wonder if they have ever spent some time behind the scenes at a children’s hospital and adapted to daily business while listening to “code blue” over the intercom.

I will go about my business happily and without fear today and during the coming weeks. I can do this because I am not part of the mob of mass shooting fanatics, thanks to intelligence, experience, and knowledge.

A great many people will not enjoy my peace of mind, because of these unjustified gun control activists.

With each new mass killing event, many journalists will enjoin a ravenous feeding frenzy of half-truths, gorging themselves on the ratings of sensationalized tragedy. Ignorant politicians will tacitly thank them for their sensation-mongering, as they preach new gun laws from the podium. The entertainers will moan, deride, and insult flyover-country Americans to make sure everyone knows that “cool” people want more gun laws.

As this mob of journalists, politicians, activists, and entertainers speak their emotive items of ignorance about crime and gun laws, they will validate the killers and lend them the importance they seek. They will let the next killers-in-contemplation know that they too can be relevant by choosing a massacre, feeding the copycat phenomenon. Unjustifiable studies like the “media contagion” nonsense will encourage us to silence the truth instead of countering the goals of the killers.

The mass shooting fanatics are as ignorant as a child who thinks the shadow in her closet is a werewolf. Their priorities are delusional. It’s twisted, how they report grains of salt on a table when there is a mountain of tragedy that they overlook every day without so much as a peep. And once they whip up their mob of dramatic armchair altruists into the gun control frenzy, the politicians will react to protect their power by answering the mass delusion with destructive policy. This is, ochlocracy on display yet again.

For people who actually want to use their brains to understand the world accurately, here are the facts.

Death by Bullets Pales in Comparison

There are 250,000 – 440,000 people dying from medical errors every year. Even reducing them by 3 to 6% would completely save more lives than all homicides in the US every single year!

I have never seen a collective hysteria for the mountains of people slaughtered by annual medical errors like we see each time a dozen people die in a mass shooting.

So long as the horror show in the ICUs continue and mass killings have a 99.92% lower body count – we should be directing our limited resources towards the mountain over the mole hill. I’ve seen the consequences of gunshot wounds up close and personal. I’ve seen horrors in the hospital that make me favor the bullet over the medical error, if given the choice.

When you watch a person choking to death, gasping for air, being dehydrated to death while palliative care comforts their passing with an opioid coma…when you watch a person starve to death as their vital organs shut down, every bit of water or food ingested becoming poison that destroys other organs…your perspective will change.

You will watch the bullet wound kill a person. It will be tragic. But you will not forget the mountains of bodies piled up in torture from medical error. And in that juxtaposition, you will become much more rational, and your heart and compassion will become realistic.

Presuming a person is actually sincere about their desire to minimize suffering, the neglect of medical error, overshadowed by mass shooting hysteria, betrays their intentions. Remember – if we even decreased medical error deaths by 6%, we would save as many lives as all of the homicides in an entire year. That is an impossible achievement for gun control and criminal justice; they will never eliminate all homicide, and only 2/3 of homicides involve guns anyway.

In Summary

This concludes the Mass Shooting Hysteria series. Like other serious Alvarism treatments, it will be relevant in all future mass killing events. In part one of this series, we reviewed the politicizing blame and psychological motivations for mass shooting. Part two disproved correlation between violence with gun proliferation. In part 3, we investigated the visceral reaction of the American Psychological Association to Trump’s red flag law proposal and implications of gun restrictions. And finally, we reviewed the context of homicides compared to other killings in our society.

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