The Christian Castrati Immobilize Their Followers, While LGBT Tramples Children

Many modern Christians and non-Christians actively subvert fortitude under the guise of “civility.” Whether or not they have adopted Pseudo-Jesus-the-Doormat as their mascot, ready to be stomped out by syncretism, the effect is the same – a mob of people complicit with ignorance and harm.

During election season, pastors and priests fixate upon “civility.” They tell their congregation how they should think, pray, feel, and behave when engaged in sociopolitical conflict. I haven’t seen a single priest or pastor speak the truth on this matter – Protestant or Catholic. I’ve only seen hypnotizing nonsense from the Christian Castrati – the ones who obliterate Christian social efficacy by removing all virility and aggression from the Christian moral and behavioral protocols.

In their conception, the mass of Christians in the world should look like Jesus constantly taking a beating on his cheek, and never the Jesus suggesting psychological and physical aggression like rods, beatings, killings, damnation, and ad-hominem verbal attacks.

The Christian Castrati have abandoned two-thousand years of theological perfection in order to transform Christianity against The Word, into a culture more compatible with modern Cults of the Positive. Many priests and pastors are following the lead of “prosperity” preachers like Paula White and Joel Osteen, or Christian “solidarity” socialists like Dorothy Day, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jim Wallis, and Pope Francis.

In their inverted justice scheme, solidarity and interpersonal conformity are prioritized above moral results. Whether the people are in solidarity with corruption and evil? Inconsequential! They think that divine intervention will simply reward the lemming Christians for running away from every assault on mankind!

Just like communists’ trust in a divine government, a Christian collective authority (the Trinity) will solve all the social rot of sloth, fear, selfish-preservation, cowardice, impatience, and willful ignorance. Drink the beer, eat the burger, watch the ball game, and pray. God will do all of the dirty work for you! Do make sure you spend a lot of time and money in the solidarity church though. It makes you feel good, while it makes them rich and influential!

Just pat your neighbor on the back as LGBT activists indoctrinate your seven-year-old child to have oral sex. They will take your money to finance this indoctrination too! That is not an exaggeration. The LGBT sexualization of children under the ruse of “diversity” is exactly what aroused these Christian laymen. They are looking for answers. They are being immobilized by their pastors and priests in turn.

At the request of a good friend, I went to a 90-minute sermon last week on this topic.

I expected a scholarly treatment of the topic. Instead, the pastor asserted his own secular sociological behavioral script, consistent with the Cult of the Positive and the Christian Castrati. He dug into the Bible to cherry pick a few verses out of context to justify his personal behavioral script.

I have no evidence that he did this intentionally. Like most modern denizens, filtering content for confirmation bias, he is vulnerable to cognitive corruption, fallacy, and propaganda. He probably found what he wanted to hear and then excluded the rest of the Bible. But make no mistake, what he preached that night is a secular collectivist and pacifist ideology – not Christian moral and behavioral protocol.

The pastor did not mention any of the following:

  • Tolerance
  • Pity
  • Endurance
  • Aggression
  • Rightful anger
  • Rightful attack
  • Wrongful passivity & permissiveness
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Truth
  • Duty
  • Obedience

He exhorted his followers to exhibit:

  • Gentleness
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Solidarity
  • Disengagement from conflict that is not relevant to their opponent’s proximity to God – neglecting the fact that proximity to God is almost always at stake in sociopolitical conflict, for all parties involved

Compare his dangerously wrong preaching to the rigor of 18th century Baptist pastor Dr. John Gill. This modern pastor didn’t even know the right concepts to address, even though St. Thomas Aquinas has an entire entry on Fortitude in the Summa. Orthodox priests speak of righteous anger and diplomatic weakness. This is not a denominational controversy in Christianity. Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant alike understand Christian Fortitude. Even intelligent Catholic laymen understand these basics of our faith, instructed by some priests who understand our theology well.

The details in the five links above are instructive. Those are what the pastor should have given to his congregation. In short, Fortitude is one part endurance, and one part aggression. We are gentle when proselytizing. We are not gentle with evil and ignorance. We do not feel love and solidarity with it. We attack it. We feel rightful anger. We muster courage to put ourselves at risk in order that the good may prevail. We sacrifice what’s easy and happy for ourselves to achieve good, in service to God.

We pursue truth over solidarity, in obedience to God and duty to our neighbors. We endure transgression until the evil allowed by tolerance and inaction exceeds the pain of the aggression required to end it. As St. Aquinas explains in the Summa – we are not to revel in our victory over the vessels of evil, we are to pity them with hope that they can be restored, and acceptance that some will not.

All of these concepts are in the Just War doctrine as well. Secular collectivist pacifists tolerate public evil for solidarity and interpersonal conformity. They subvert Christian Fortitude. They wish they could take an eraser to the Bible and remove Jesus’ name-calling, violence, rods, damnation, and clever relational aggression against Roman authority and Pharisees alike. Their Jesus looks more like the ethereal Buddha in omphaloskepsis rather than Christ the Son of God.

During the question and answer session, I explained the present oppression of Christians to the pastor:

“Sir, we have expressed that it is unacceptable for public educators to sexualize our children. The School Board will obfuscate passages of the content they are using to indoctrinate children. These passages encourage seven-year-olds to have oral sex and masturbate in the presence of their friends. They will first ATTACK the Christian defenders by claiming they hate LGBT. Of course, we do not, and we state that we wish for no discrimination or bullying of LGBT. We state we are fine with content that discourages discrimination and bullying.

Next, they say that the Bible contains sexualized passages and even rape. In this way, they ATTACK the integrity of our religion itself. We explain to them that promiscuity in the Bible and classic literature is instructive. There are painful consequences for the people who sin. Unlike the LGBT curriculum, it does not ennoble the activities by making it look “cool” or harmless with a protagonist. To imply anything else is a lie and distortion of Christian culture.

When they realize that their lies are exposed, the ATTACKERS seek to silence the defenders. They spy on them, intimidate them, and appeal to authorities to take away their right to speech.

In your conception of oppression, when is it right for a Christian to choose aggression? Have we reached that point when our opponents are sexualizing our children?”

Do you think that he answered by explaining the doctrine of Fortitude? Nothing of the sort. He said, “I’m not sure what you mean by aggression.”

I explained fortitude as I did above with examples of Jesus’ aggression. He responded with one of the most absurd rhetorical falsehoods I’ve heard a pastor utter. He said, “Those are things that God can do because He is God. We are not supposed to imitate everything that God does, but instead behave as He tells us to.”

First of all, God encourages righteous anger and aggression. Secondly, to confound the faith of Christians with hypocritical contradiction is one of the worst things any pastor can do. This pastor suggests, “Ask ‘what would Jesus do’ and imitate him when he does the things I want you to do, and when he does the things I don’t want you to do, then those are reserved for God.”

What a load of nonsense! I’d love to hold him accountable to that standard, and assert that except for commands explicitly stated, we should never imitate Jesus. Our list of Jesus’ examples to imitate would be very short if we followed this pastor’s rhetorical standard.

Processing this outrage in my mind, I decided to expose his secular ideological indoctrination with a very simple question. I asked, “If you are assaulted physically, will you defend yourself with physical aggression?”

After an awkward pause, he responded, “It would depend.”

Of course, he didn’t want to get into the details of the very few cases in which it would be rational and moral to abstain (passive resistance for civil rights comes to mind).

I tried one more time, to get him to assert Christian Fortitude over secular collectivist pacifism, which places solidarity and interpersonal conformity over truth and morals. I said, “So you agree that there are times to use physical aggression. What about relational and psychological aggression? These are the attacks Christians are suffering from LGBT. Jesus used those forms of aggression as well, did he not?”

His response was simply patronizing dismissal. He said, “You seem to know a lot more about aggression than I do, so I’ll trust you to follow your heart on this one.”

I wonder what this pastor would say to the 79-year-old preacher who was recently sent to the hospital by a violent, Christian-hating LGBT attacker.

This pastor is not alone in his destructive preaching. The USCCB (Catholic authority) recently launched a “Civilize it” campaign that promotes the same nonsense. Don’t ask what “civilized” looks like. To them, “dignity” must look like the majority of workers slaving away from January to May of every year just to fulfill their compulsory tax obligations. To them, “dignity” must look like complicity and tolerance as children are induced towards psychosexual anxiety in their formative years.

They place solidarity and interpersonal conformity over fortitude, truth, and morals! Surprise, I won’t be signing such an idiotic and pseudo-Christian pledge.

The Christian Castrati, along with their “prosperity gospel” and solidarity socialist leaders, can continue to run and hide, as they immobilize themselves. The world will move on, assisted by their complicity and permissiveness. And it will be a much darker place because of their eradication of Fortitude.

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