Election 2019 Repubocalypse – Full Report Summary

In a coordinated onslaught of political, corporate, legal, and nonprofit subversion, the Democrats took total power over Virginia in 2019, for the first time since 1993. They now possess power without mandate. Only 1.2 million out of 8.5 million Virginians voted for them. That is only 18% of the adult population in Virginia.

Considering the details of Democrat subversion, including legal, voter registration, financial, redistricting, demographic, organizational, and tech manipulations, they do not hold justified power, and now form an illicit government.

Will there be a day when Democrats respect the sovereignty of citizens, their political willpower, and leave it unmolested by their mountains of dishonest manipulations? It is unlikely that the party will change without an awakening of voters to their corrupt tactics, holding them accountable at the polls.

And then there are the Virginia Republicans, who have failed at every juncture to rebuff and counter this arsenal of democrat chicanery. When Virginians read these 85 points in five articles, they will ask themselves the question, “Why was I not alerted to most of these details by the Republicans to whom I gave my attention, donations, and support?”

This retrospective shows that the Republicans involved in the forfeit of Virginia are not skilled and knowledgeable enough to assume political leadership. New leadership must come forth.

Of the 85 points in the analysis, which factors mattered the most?

For the factors that can be approximated numerically:

  • The legal contest for gerrymandering gave democrats 10 – 16 house seats (enough to take the house)
  • The influx of blue-state new residents (140,000 from NY alone) contributed between 3-to-6% of the democrats votes. These new Virginians were not intercepted and courted by Republicans successfully. How much easier could it be to court new residents who obviously left blue states for pragmatic reasons?
  • The democrat cash advantage and superior expenditure was massive. The Democrats took $13M from out-of-state meddlers. Without that money, the Republicans would have out-financed Democrats, $37M to $33M. With the out-of-state money, Democrats out-spent Republicans by $9M.
  • Using a few professors who share my skills in data and software engineering, the democrats micro-targeted vulnerable residents for voter registration. These registrations accounted for an estimated 4-to-7% of the democrat vote.
  • The democrats gave themselves an ex-felon vote advantage of 0.2%, via the governorship

Those factors alone account for 17-to-29% of the Democrat’s victory margin. In other words, without those factors, the Democrats would be losing Virginia by 12 – 23%. This should give you an indicator of how little justification the democrats have for their control of Virginia’s government in 2019.

Then there are the factors which cannot be well-quantified:

  • Organizational inefficacy of Virginia Republicans, including the RPV operational choices, infighting, moles, identitarian pandering against scholarly research, failure to confront tactical and strategic threats from the competition
  • The ideological influence of subversive nonprofits (beyond their registration and financing actions)
  • The micro-donation finance scamming
  • Technological subversion with information retrieval manipulation (search results, search indexing, spellcheck, web input control spelling auto-correction)
  • Social media subversion including censorship, shadow banning (push-throttling), demonetization, and notification cessation
  • Electoral software superiority, including consumption of services from the 75%+ tech industry favoritism for democrats, and the failure of Republicans to empower and hire technologists who can compete with the Democrat darlings of Google and Facebook

The details and citations for all of these major factors are justified and cited in the five articles of the Election 2019 series:

When I spoke to a few dozen Virginia election officials and precinct captains on November 21st, 2019, very few of these specifics were available. To this day, other analysts have not assembled such a comprehensive and deep understanding of the 2019 Virginia Repubocalypse. I offered all attendees the opportunity to present their knowledge, however specific or general, for consideration.

Now I encourage everyone who cares about the government of Virginia to ponder these 85 points, dig deeper on them, understand them, add to them, challenge them, and then brainstorm solutions with me. Even if you have criticism or compliments to offer, please contribute. All input is welcomed, positive and negative.

Please write your opinions and ideas in the comments section of this article, privately to Alvarism here, or on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to the website by entering your email address in the sidebar, or “liking” the facebook page.

When I receive enough thoughtful input I will assemble a meeting at a local board room, and film a conference with those people who wish to be on public video, to discuss the way forward, and solutions to our breakdown of electoral integrity in Virginia.

2 thoughts on “Election 2019 Repubocalypse – Full Report Summary

  1. http://mywikibiz.com/Top_10_Reasons_Not_to_Donate_to_Wikipedia.. and this.. from the MICRO-DONATIONS search alone. The way you coin words like Repubocalpse is extra entertaining.. 🙂 and the Ninja Warrior move of using the Impeach45mongering Democrats very own tactics (aka Nancy Pelosi calling Donald Trump an imposter) and the varying cries of “illegitimacy” of this president: INDEED, it is THEY, the Virginia Democrats who are imposters and illegitimate who now hide behind a “revisionist, distorted Constitution”; also breaking out their “Catholic” street creds. GIVE ME A BREAK! I will believe the SHAMELESS purveyors of Trimester abortion and infanticide per Kathy Tran and Ralph Northam when they CONDEMN and REVERSE their positions; denounce Antisemitism and reverse their mindnumbing support of Climate Change.. (what does even mean to a true scientist) and the Green New Deal HUH? …along with the sophomoric sophistry of the sponsors of the Green New Deal.. AOC and three as they are affectionately called by their handlers.. er make that the FAKE NEWS: CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc.
    GREAT WORK. I hope you will call for a public and mass forum on these issues. The Deep State GOP never Trumpers also need to own their participation in heaping BLUE coals on the state of Virginia. ! WELL SAID again, Thomas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I lost all respect for Wikipedia when they lied about “not knowing” the criminal history of Carolyn Bothwell. Only progeny of intelligence officers get away with murder, attempted murder, and multiple DUI psychopathic escapades…and then still get hired as executive management for companies like Wikipedia. http://wikipediareview.com/index.php?showtopic=14638&mode=threaded&pid=66920

      It’s just ANDEMCA – admit to nothing, deny everything, make counteraccusations. Like criminals, HUMINT inveiglers, and immoral aggressors in interpersonal situations, the Democrat impeachment circus is built on psychological projection – Accusing their opponents of that which they are guilty. As with EconSov, the only way to confront this corruption is to awaken the public to the hidden tactics. We will organize a forum after the holidays, to be sure!


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