Atheist Group Obliterated by Historical Facts

“The struggle against religion is the struggle for socialism! Long live the cultural revolution! [Flag]” – Russian anti-religion propaganda

I have a thick tome on my bookshelf called, “The Psychology of Religion.” I bought it outside of any credited coursework for my own personal interest; it is one of those very pricey textbooks with color pages. I have another set of tomes – The Encyclopedia of Philosophy – with postgraduate entries by the world’s leading philosophers of the 20th century. I had been reading that book since I was fourteen-years-old in my school’s library. I bought a copy of the volumes on consignment from a public library, which was clearing its shelves for newer, dumber, abridged, “reconstructed” scholarly posits.

My studies of objective religion have left me baffled when encountering the general public’s perceptions. Whether Christian, Secular Humanist, Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu, very few have ever stepped outside of their culture in real terms. The worst offenders in my personal experience are the godless. Whether Atheist, Secular Humanist, Agnostic, or some other godless belief system – they tend to favor anti-religious, antagonistic obscurantism more than justifying their own beliefs with solid evidence and logic.

One such lie they promulgate is that “religion is responsible for violence.” If their theory is true, then atheist regimes, must be much less violent. The godless socialists of the 20th century proved that the godless were even more vicious than any religious society could have been. Here is a special chart from my next book, in which I had to program a new data type in SQL Server, to handle dates ranging from 3,000 years ago to present day:

What about democide – the slaughter of a nation’s own citizens by its own government? Pagans and Atheists dwarf Christians and Muslims in human history, especially considering lower aggregate adherence over time:

Godless Russia and China alone contribute 40% to the body count. If we add Germany for Hitler’s syncretic Nietzschean Nazi state, then 20th century godless regimes account for nearly 50% of all global democide in recorded human history.

A critical thinker is now asking the question, “Fascinating evidence Thomas, but wouldn’t you say, the 20th century gave rise to a much larger population to kill from maternal and infant medical discovery, and much more efficient weapons for killing?”

I would answer, yes! I have every conviction that if the ancient Mongols had access to Howitzers, their body count would be higher. In my next book I evaluate the implications of these numbers. For this essay, let’s settle on this fact: history shows that neither pagan, nor atheist, nor Christian can claim the utopian mantle of non-violence, but Christians and Jews can claim the least violent, per person, per geographic area.

The anti-Christian propaganda which preaches that “religion and Europeans are guilty of the greatest brutality in history,” is a hateful and ignorant bit of fiction – one of the most prevalent and idiotic myths ever promoted by failed scholars and uneducated entertainers.

To wit, atheist groups recently recoiled at one of their “thought-leaders” giving such analytical praise to religion. Here is an excerpt of the online debate. The Author says:

Debater #1: He recognizes that Atheism is far more dangerous than religion because the god of Atheists is the state

Author: Don’t agree at all

Debater #2: I think it’s true that the general effect of discarding religion was to empower the state to fill the vacuum

Author: Like Islam? The state has been justified by religious dogma, my friend.

Thomas Kurek: Wrong. No theocracy holds a candle to states of the godless.

USSR, China, and even Hitler’s godless usurpation of Christianity via “Positive Christianity” as a transition to supplant religion with his ideology.

And consider hedonic subcultures in Weimar Germany, godless as they were, with varying levels of governmental advocacy.

Still searching for genuine atheists who haven’t supplanted transcendent religion with their own smorgasbord of religious elements from entertainers and misconceptions of history. Also searching for the even rarer atheist who is void of all religious elements and has any ounce of professional experience in the pure materialism of science.

Author: Hitler believed himself guided by God. Statism would not be possible were it not for the uncritical dogmatism paved by irrational belief systems based on the supernatural. Statism, as they say, is a religion. It is.

Thomas Kurek: According to whom? Convenient for you to neglect USSR and China, the less ambiguous glowing cases of atheist evil on earth.

The Confessing Church was slaughtered alongside the Jews in Nazi Germany. If you don’t cherry pick Hitler’s statements on religion, and understand why he invented Positive Christianity, and his obsession with Ariosophy, he’s just like any other modern “atheist” who supplants transcendent religion with their own religious elements from entertainers and historical butchery.

Most are ignorant of these facts because not only are they not taught, but the students are too stupid and lacking in critical thinking (dogmatic secular humanists, we might say) to ask obvious questions like “why did Hitler choose the swastika instead of a cross? What was the swastika to them?”

I imagine the atom symbol for all the non-science-practicing “atheists” is an equally proud symbol with commensurate critical thinking as to its relevance.

You make the false presumption that the supernatural is the exclusive road to irrational beliefs, and further, that all irrational beliefs are necessarily deleterious to humanity.

History Abridged, Red Herrings, and False Presumptions

This author is content to say that Statism was the problem in China, Russia, and ostensibly Nazi Germany when he actually re-educates himself deeply about Nazi ideology. He implies the harm was entirely because of the political ideology, which can be fully divorced from the potent irreligious belief system driving social action and visions in places like Russia and China.

Hypocritically, he attributes the violence done by theists in history to their religion, rather than their human condition of starvation, serfdom, tribal conflict, hellish plagues with no remedies, mental illness with no understanding, and even plumbum poisoning from primitive water management.

At the bottom of all of this is the neglect of the human need for religion. It is the reason I never engage in debates about the existence of God – the traditional philosophers satisfied my curiosity. The irreligious are adept at dodging these contradictions, and abridging history into their banal fiction to rationalize their antagonism of religion. The public school system actively promotes anti-religion and secular humanism. It is the reason that the majority of the population is entirely ignorant of the nuanced and sophisticated history of politics and religion (including irreligion).

People who care about the details and facts remain true to themselves. Contrarily, an irreligious person who has accepted these myths about religion, will be forever blind to the smorgasbord of religious elements they have been haphazardly appropriating to crudely fulfill their human need for religion. If I meet another godless person who believes in science they have never studied (scientism), aliens, ghosts, “the universe,” spiritual forces, the occult, and the esoteric, I won’t laugh. I’ve laughed too much at the contradiction throughout my life, in my many encounters with the godless.

Most often, I’m the only one in the room who has actually conducted real science and engineering in labs and facilities.

One thought on “Atheist Group Obliterated by Historical Facts

  1. Reblogged this on Science For the RANT of it. and commented:
    Thomas this is a FASCINATING ARTICLE and I will tell you privately more about the Confessing Church in Germany as I told you before my own grandmother was killed by the Nazi’s in 1943 she was 43 because she was part of the White Rose or Confessing Lutheran Church lead by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.. but Hitler did not believe “GOD” that Christians worship was leading him. He was an Occultist and believed that the god of this World was leading him.. and as a Christian believer of the words of Christ.. we know that Satan is the god of this world.. a lot to consider and I won’t even get into the atheist part of the commentary. I will find a piece of actual WW2 documentation which will amaze you and send it to you.. more later , ,amazing work..

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