What is Alvarism?

Alvarism, LLC is a think tank for economic and sociological analysis with a unique approach that requires empirical, rational, and perennial evaluation of every topic. In other words, every topic needs hard evidence, logical and rational assessments, and authoritative historical analogues.

The specific topics that we investigate include civics, journalism, education, entertainment, religion, cognitive habits, interpersonal, psychological, and economic trends. If you are a student, professional, activist, or enthusiast in any of those areas, you will benefit from following the Alvarism. 

It was developed by Thomas Edward Kurek beginning in the 1990s, and culminated in six manuscripts and an enormous archive of references, databases, and spreadsheets.  The first book in the series, Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society, was first distributed on May 30th, 2016. 

Alvarism fundamentals:

  • Motto: “Hive-mind resigned”
  • Alvarism comes from the Latin word alvārium, which means “beehive.”  Social influence does not come from one direction, or one leader.  It surrounds the individual, like a hive surrounds a bee.
  • Corrupt economic, cultural, and cognitive trends are currently the norm thanks to socialism, constructivist education, social reconstructionism, dirigisme, pantheistic and mystical pseudo-religious visions, and other trends
  • Due to the corrupting factors, true sovereignty, continuity, and liberty are impossible. Mass illusions give the false impression of these ideals.
  • When human thinking, behavior, and organization resembles nothing like mindless collectivist insects, then Alvarism’s goal has been achieved.

Economic Sovereignty fundamentals:

  • Prosperity requires basic truths about economics to be prevalent in society. It is critical for citizens to spread the basics of economics to prevent leaders and institutions from manipulating their jobs, markets, prosperity, and lives.
  • All economic crises emerge from a perversion of valuation
  • Economic Sovereignty requires that a majority of Americans:
    • Know the accurate portrayal of the American economy
    • Understand the warring ideological forces that rip the economy apart in the halls of institutions
    • Learn the concepts and limitations of prosperity analysis – for personal finance, career choices, voting, business choices, consumer choices, and civic engagement
    • Remember the historical facts of societies where Economic Sovereignty was lost
  • Ultimately, all violations of Economic Sovereignty lead to the usurpation of property and labor; ubiquitous redistribution and overt oppression emerge.

Cultural fundamentals:

  • The five Cultural Industries systematize and transact culture: Civics, Journalism, Education, Entertainment, Religion (Macroalvarian Areas)
  • The two Personal Cultural Dimensions determine individual cultural exchange features: Epistemology & Cognition, Interpersonal Factors (Microalvarian Areas)
  • Most people passively adopt socially engineered paths from birth through death.  Active participation is needed to preserve good culture and reform bad culture.
  • Active participation requires Alvarian Awareness.  An individual does not need to master the Alvarian Framework, but they should master the areas they contribute to. A master of Alvarism does not only repel social engineers, they destroy their manipulations for hapless neighbors as well.
  • We tend to feel affinity towards people who share common cultural elements with us, and aversion towards people with divergent cultural elements. Learning cultural elements will allow for better cooperation.
  • Through Alvarian Awareness, we can smooth interactions with people of divergent culture, and improve society.

Who Should Follow this Research?

Economists, finance professionals, businesspersons, politicians, activists, voters, journalists, analysts, educators, academic administrators, entertainers, clergy, ministers, and particularly businesspersons transacting in any of the Macroalvarian Areas.

Who Should Join the Coalition?

Anyone who believes in the mission of the research, and any professional in one of the seven Alvarian Areas who would like to collaborate with a community of likeminded professionals.  People from all cultures and dispositions are welcome.  There are so many different ways you can cooperate with us!  You can also request a bio listing for yourself, and submit your material to us for syndication or crosslinking.

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