Thomas E. Kurek
Thomas Kurek, founder of Alvarism LLC, a think tank for economic and sociological analysis based upon empirical, rational and perennial knowledge paradigms, has a highly specialized education in engineering physics and biomechanics. He completed three years of economics courses in one semester with alternative coursework that relied upon advanced mathematics. He also founded MYnstrel Inc., providing social networks, ecommerce, business intel, and artificial intelligence algorithms for the music industry. The FBI, Department of Defense, State Department, and hospitals have hired his services. He worked in the Pentagon for four years.  His book, Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society, is the first of six which detail his economic and sociological research.  The second is almost complete, revealing unprecedented analyses of American criminal justice, national security, espionage, culture, healthcare, education, and civics, which required T-SQL programming, databases, estimation, and statistical analysis to produce.


Steven Yeh
Steven is a strategic management consultant and senior economic advisor who has advised for leading global consultancies and to global business interests. As a consultant and advisor, his guidance draws from a diverse background in finance, marketing and international business, integrated with psychology and sociology which provides a solid basis for business decision making, particularly in the current public policy environment driven by government spending, fiscal finance, and deficit/debt management. With an in-depth understanding of socionomics, the science of social prediction, and the development of a “Geometries of the Market” financial markets approach, he has developed predictive models with a high degree of accuracy. He is a graduate of The George Washington University and The George Mason University and wrote the foreword for Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society.


Jennifer Serrano
Jennifer has professional experience in office administration, sales, customer service, makeup artistry, and political campaigning. She also edited Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society, using her keen eye for detail. Her natural talent for aesthetics in makeup translates to all visual aesthetic pursuits – photography, art, decorating, and style. Her customer service skills are supreme, and she is an asset to any businessperson as a representative and admin.

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