Aurified Life

by Thomas E. Kurek

Résumés can’t tell the story of life,
Full of wonder, full of strife.
Family, friends, love lost and found,
Nurture the roots, or they part from the ground.

Good times, good goals, good love, good souls,
They stay in the sky if they know their roles.
It’s a blessing to have flown at all,
The higher you rise, the farther you fall.

Erratic irrationality can turn mirth to ash,
Clodhopping cosmopolitan cultural clash.
All suffering is good if you turn it to gold,
My aliens’ fate is their own to unfold.

Gold overflowing from my spirit, aurified
Aligning my life to eternity, glorified.
The bad turned to good, and the good got better,
I’m eager to embark upon the next adventure.


Family and my closest friends have inspired me to snap a few shots over the years.  The following photos tell a story that I’d need to write into a few novels to do justice.  I hope you feel as if you know me better from seeing the story they tell.

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