Alvarism follows the sources listed below. Because we learn from friends and foes alike, it is wise to keep our eyes on all of these sources of information, with an appreciation of their biases and special interests.

If you visit a source because of this web page, please leave a comment and let us know what sources you discovered through Alvarism, and what you think about them.

Do you have a source that would be helpful? Contact us privately to promote them! Is your organization listed as a “caveat emptor” source? Contact us privately to schedule an interview and collaboration so that we can bring you into the golden friends listing, for those who are open and cooperative with us.

Golden Friends

These are some of the best periodical sources available to you, frequently followed and cited by Alvarism, by dint of scholastic excellence or collaboration:

Caveat Emptor

These sources are wise to follow, but buyer beware! Either Alvarism has found erroneous reporting, they have been engaged in serious controversy (not necessarily guilty), or they simply have reduced their stature by refusing to debate or interview Alvarism for topics with which they claim to concern themselves. Some of them can be elevated to golden status simply by interviewing or debating Alvarism. Alvarism will debate Republicans, Libertarians, and Democrats alike, as a nonpartisan think tank.

  • Ludwig von Mises Institute – offering a spectacular archive of the legendary economist, this organization has recently been overrun by Murray Rothbard’s influence and paleoconservative influence like Lew Rockwell. If a person can take their publications with a critical eye, and extract the classical libertarian excellence from the Hayek and LvM’s authentic material, then it is a spectacular source of the highest scholarship.
  • Louder with Crowder – a great news site focused on cultural correctives and leftwing bias in media and entertainment, with top-notch humor in the delivery that puts acts like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver to shame
  • The Rubin Report – a great talkshow from a former progressive contributor to The Young Turks, high integrity, libertarian-leaning perspective
  • The Joe Rogan Experience – a great talkshow with excellent guests and a libertarian perspective
  • The Blaze – a Mormon and libertarian leaning general news site led by Glenn Beck
  • Campus Reform – a watchdog that tracks oppression of conservatives on college campuses, university indoctrination, and ideological zealotry on campuses
  • Turning Point USA – a center-right nonprofit subject to some controversy typical for nonprofits. Young America Foundation has a longer track record than TPUSA if a person is looking for alternatives.
  • Young America Foundation – a center-right nonprofit, organizing young conservatives
  • InfoWars & Alex Jones – oppressed by all major tech companies, slandered by mainstream news, InfoWars reports topics that are very important and whitewashed by powerful organizations. Prone to hyperbole, sometimes promoting conspiracy theories, a cool head should be able to separate the information from the drama. When they address topics of national security and espionage, caveat emptor. A lack of military science and intelligence expertise leads them towards a pacifism bias that sometimes aids and abets hostile and instigating security forces abroad.
  • ZeroHedge – excellent economic and business news, with the same caveats about national security reporting as InfoWars. ZeroHedge frequently aids and abets hostile security forces abroad with disinformation and one-sided anti-Atlanticist narratives.
  • CATO – A strictly libertarian think tank
  • Breitbart – A solid center-right general news site
  • Jihad Watch – A great watchdog with its eye on Islamist supremacism and terrorism
  • The Epoch Times – a news service biased towards Chinese expatriate Falun Gong interests. Some have criticized it as “far right,” which is patently stupid and blind to the biased special interests of Falun Gong Taoist-Buddhist-syncretist diaspora. The founders have overwhelming Eastern religious lens through which they present their stories. It is banned in China for these reasons.
  • PJ Media – a great site for general news with a conservative leaning
  • Larry Elder Show – a great talkshow and publisher by a brilliant attorney with Conservative leaning
  • Foreign Affairs – a publication by the Council on Foreign Relations, storied, experienced, and presenting analyses of diplomacy from a globalist/UN perspective
  • Foreign Policy – a leftwing publication owned by Washington Post affiliates, addressing topics of diplomacy
  • Brookings Institution – a leftwing think tank with occasional analyses that are uniquely insightful. Caveat emptor – they also employ some radical pseudo-scholars with unmerited PhDs, preaching racial paranoia and false accusations against conservatives that border on delusional and dishonest interpretations
  • Center for Security Policy – A Mossad-friendly national security think tank, which focuses on Middle Eastern threat assessments and galvanizing support for Israeli security aid and partnership; some reports on Islamist threats are excellent and underreported by other venues, such as “Shariah – The Threat to America,” but prioritization of Middle Eastern threats and extreme elements rather than cultural subversion and sociopolitical intersection limit the scope of analyses
  • ThinkProgress – Ardent anti-conservative perceptions of current events feeding Democratic politics in the USA
  • The Center for American Progress – Ardent anti-conservative policy think tank
  • Teacher’s College Record – A source for leftist and constructivist education policy
  • Imagining America – A source for progressive entertainers using the arts for social engineering

Mainstream News

It has its uses, occasionally.

  • The Washington Times – aggressive advertising technologies and so much duplication in the RSS feeds that I had to remove them from my Feedly and NextGen Reader because they dominate every other source with the volume and redundancy of articles they push through their feeds
  • The Wall St Journal – a great news source
  • Fox News Channel – slandered by democrats for many years for breaking their stranglehold on journalism, they have become a center-right mainstream news source
  • Fox Business – solid business and market news, highly recommended
  • Reuters – reports use framing, present half-truths and very limited context, often misleading
  • Forbes – aggressive advertising technologies