The full prospectus is proprietary and available only to serious partners and investors.

The microbusiness phase will cost between $2 to 2.4 million per year for one to three years. The rest of the financial information is reserved for serious partners and investors.

What’s available here:

  • Very general, abridged company overview, minus details of problem assessments
  • Research phase (completed), and Microbusiness Phase (currently soliciting partners and investors)
  • Company History
  • Biography
  • Other Decision-Making Information

What’s removed:

  • Company mission, objectives, conceptual organizational design, and deep market problems that it will solve
  • Future phases of business growth (small firm, midsize firm, tech giant)
  • Market & Competitive Assessment
  • Income, Expenses, Use of Proceeds
  • SWOT

Company Overview (Greatly abridged)


The need for Alvarism is dire. Ill-conceived nonprofit, academic, journalistic, and political activities distort economic and social outcomes. Major tech companies have exacerbated the cultural malaise with myopic business models and system designs. Out of one side of their mouths, they bemoan the political movements and disinformation their products enabled, and out of the other side of their mouths they speak like arbitrary despots, controlling participation with vague and hypocritically enforced user policies.

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter must fail. Their time is over, and their designs forbid impactful refactoring. Alvarism will step into the social media market and replace them, as they are slowly relegated as obsolesced utilities, similar to the decline of America Online.

Alvarism is based on elite economic and cultural scholarship, bolstered upon the lifework of Thomas E. Kurek. Only such expertise can solve the problem of social media.

The social graph is over. Alvarism’s cultural graph is the future.


1. Research Phase

The cultural and economic body of knowledge for Alvarism took years to develop. The cultural graph, school curriculum, research domains, and social media tech are impossible without that body of knowledge. The research phase is complete, absent some publications by Thomas E. Kurek in the third and fourth textbooks, and editing of the second.

2. Microbusiness Phase

With 12 to 20 employees, Alvarism will bring Thomas E. Kurek’s arsenal of data and statistics online for annual ETL (extract, transform, load) and publication. This will facilitate value partnerships with other think tanks, policymakers, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies.

We will publish explainer videos, interviews, and special reports on par with PragerU, Stanford Hoover Institution’s Uncommon Knowledge, and John Stossel investigations, respectively.

We will begin building the Cultural Network software and the underlying Cultural Graph code, with a small group of engineering resources.

We will deploy a first-version app to attract an elite group of pioneering users. They will begin abandoning the usage of other social media and search engines with the app.

Our in-house journalism will also chronicle the story of the app successes and development (in the spirit of tech corporate media like CNET).

The microbusiness hires will be consummate professionals, obsessed with changing the world through Alvarism, and willing to take stock ownership along with fair-market compensation to motivate their elite productivity and devotion.

The stock distribution will utilize Thomas E. Kurek’s OMEGA model.

The microbusiness phase will last 1 – 3 years pending software, event hosting, publication, and advertising revenues.

Company History

Alvarism is inseparable from Thomas E. Kurek’s successes in business, technology, economics, and cultural research. Engineering Physics programs require their graduates to study the equivalent of three years of economics in complex tasks like assessing the costs, logistics, and profitability of new technologies and businesses.

In his professional career, Thomas easily applied these skills to save the Pentagon millions per year, estimated complex systems via models like COCOMO II, combination-based, and expert-based estimation models for tech management. Thomas honed his custom entrepreneurial financing model (OMEGA) for ten years as he designed a total reformation of the global music industry for MYnstrel, Inc, with ten other partners.

Ultimately, he published the equivalent of two dissertations on political economy and macroeconomics in his first textbook, Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society. His cultural research has also been presented to hundreds of powerful people, including astronaut Buzz Alrdin in the US Senate.

These decades of devotion have yielded the unreproducible technology, cultural, and economic knowledge upon which Alvarism is founded. The cultural and economic research phase was thus concluded in 2019 Q3.

With the second textbook on economics written, and all of the research for the third and fourth book completed, Alvarism began seeking financing for the microbusiness phase to reform global economics and culture (civics, journalism, education, entertainment, and religious organization).


Thomas E. Kurek

(Thomas, on the right, June 21, 2019, reviewing an Artificial Intelligence deployment by OR University)

Thomas was educated in the competitive Washington DC suburbs, in a gifted-and-talented program curated with Mortimer Adler’s perennialist classical education model. His admittance to the program was granted after a day-and-a-half of IQ testing that put him in the 99.995th percentile (the smartest person in a random sampling of 18,000 people).

He holds a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics (ESM) with a concentration in Biomechanics, default mathematics minor, and pre-med qualification from Virginia Tech – a program ranked fifth in the entire world during his time. Thomas completed a special program at Richmond University for civics, and postgraduate research in political economy, published in his first textbook – Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society.

Thomas has served the US State Department, the Department of Defense Policy directorate (DoD USDP), JSOC, NRO, JCS, the FBI, the State of New Jersey, Washington DC Medicaid systems, e-Commerce systems now integrated into Amazon’s code, and international real estate technology systems. He has invented technologies for music commerce, artificial intelligence, and social media systems based on his proprietary economic and cultural models. He has also contributed to the invention of medical technologies.

He enjoys deep interpersonal connections, playing guitar, writing songs, singing, solving complex problems, community development, history, classic literature, culture and music festivals, live theater, weight lifting, running, and academic lectures. His family hails from Buffalo, New York. He currently lives just outside of Washington, D.C., on the Virginia side of the Potomac where the swampy summer is tamed by the majestic fall.

Review his full personal life bio and curriculum vitae.

Other Decision-Making Information

The ideal investor and partner believes in the mission of Alvarism – as a global reformation, to make the public resilient against social engineering, and personally sovereign in culture, labor, and private ownership of resources. They see that Alvarism must succeed in order to save humanity from snowballing dysfunctions manifest in economic policy, civics, education, journalism, entertainment, and religious organization. They are willing to defray short-term gains in the interest of a long-term mission that will positively impact billions of lives around the globe, and the future of humanity itself.

With penetration of technology increasingly ubiquitous, if the Alvarian Framework is not promulgated within the technology people use to interact, then the pernicious and exploitative technology that is standard today, will multiply. Because social media impacts all aspects of culture in our daily interpersonal choices, simply educating people on the Alvarian Framework is insufficient. The unique combination of a think tank, new media, education, and tech company is required. Together, we will honor our humanity in virtue.