A list of resources used in Alvarian Framework research.  Periodically updated and organized by published book or unpublished manuscript.

Alvarism Book 1 – Economic Sovereignty: Prosperity in a Free Society

Economic Principles, Wealth, Poverty, Prosperity Incidence, Tax, Career Paths, Political Visions, Labor, Industry, American Economic History

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Alvarism Book 2 – (Untitled)

Military, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Immigration, Culture


CBO Report on Military Compensation (Nov 14, 2012) – Of interest to anyone who runs a business, or seeks to understand how our soldiers are compensated.  The complexity of total compensation, worth of cash and non-cash benefits, tax savings, regular military compensation (RMC), bonuses, and subsidies are elaborated.  Although it excludes many forms of compensation, the complexities are broken down beautifully.  In Alvarism Book 1, Economic Sovereignty, this model for total compensation analysis was used to derive the five career-based socioeconomic classes in Section 3.3 – Illusory Career Paths and Wealth Erosion.